Monday, April 27, 2009


Klaus the beautiful Black German Shepherd was brought into the shelter about 10 days ago - apparently, he was surrendered along with another tan-and-white pit mix, both dogs friendly as can be.

We thought he was a Belgian Sheepdog but that turned out to be wishful thinking on our part. The folks at Belgian Shepherd Rescue looked at his photos and opined that he was probably a purebred (or close to purebred) Black German Shepherd. Either way, he is a friendly, playful, and STRONG dog - he knows Sit and Shake. In fact, the speed with which he responds to a Shake would put Clint Eastwood's fast draw to shame!

Let's see how long it takes before this dog gets adopted, fostered, or otherwise 'rescued' from his current life in a box. I wonder what goes through his mind when he looks out through the door of his cage, seeing the volunteers and shelter staff coming and going, occasionally taking other dogs out for a walk or other reasons and if it is his lucky day, taking him out for a romp in the park. Being alive is probably the only consolation... Where there is life, there is hope.

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