Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is one girl in need of a happy ending NOW! 

Abby was at the shelter for a while, then got adopted. After a month, some "allergy" issues made their appearance in her new home and she is again on the lookout for a person to love her and be really really committed to keep her forever.

Abby is housebroken, rarely barks, doesn't chew, and stays off furniture. What more could one ask for in a dog! I wonder how this story will end. Fortunately, she is not actually at the shelter but that situation is unlikely to last much longer if she doesn't find a foster home or a rescue to take her till she gets adopted again.

Episodes like this only remind us how completely helpless these pets are - no control over who takes them in, how they are treated, no say in the matter of getting shuffled from place to place and seen as an inconvenience and worst of all - most of them manage to retain their complete trust in human nature throughout this ordeal.

We don't really deserve their love, do we??

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