Monday, May 12, 2008

Notes from a photo shoot

Sunday was another interesting day at the shelter - less busy than usual because the regulars were probably busy with Mothers' Day "festivities". As always, there were newer dogs to be photographed and walked, newer noses sniffing at you, newer tongues licking your hand through kennel doors, and newer pets I wished I could just take home.

There was Sophie the beautiful cocker spaniel who can do with a good grooming but looks radiant even without it. There was Cinnamon, her kennel mate who pranced around on the grass and didn't want to leave Sophie's side. There was Kenya with the unusually curled tail, Doodles the poodle looking fluffy and charming as always, two friendly German Shepherds who looked so identical in photographs that it was tough to tell which was Sara and which was Bruno, and a gentle, friendly, and petite staffie named Butterfly Kisses!! Also resident were two gorgeous Huskies who are hopefully on their way to a breed-specific rescue group, and a large shaggy friendly beast - a shepherd mix probably - who just wanted to lie down and be petted. We will be sure to take him out for a walk and photo shoot next Sunday. Watch this space!

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ARP said...

Cinnamon is ADORABLE, and reminds me of my girl. Hounds are such great companions, someone should definitely make her their own!!! :)